Wolverine, brown bear and eagle photography safaris in Kuhmo, Finland

Have You always dreamt of meeting wolverine, brown bear or an eagle in the nature?
Come to Haikuselekonen, Kuhmo, Finland and experice an unique adventure in the deep forest!

We offer You a chance to follow and photograph wild animals in their natural environment. Our regular quests are wolverine and most likely also brown bears which are seen often during spring and summer, eagles mostly during autumn or early winter. The quests are guided to the cabin in which you can safely follow and photograph animals.

You can choose the suitable services of following options:

- Evening visit without a guide 50 € per person
- Evening visit with English speaking quide (snacks included) 80 € per person

- Overnight visit without a quide 80 € per person
- Overnight visit with English speaking quide (snacks included) 120 € per person

- Heating will be offered for reasonible extra fee if needed

We offer our quests...

- Easy access from Kuhmo (or surroundings) until Haikuselekonen
- Two beds for overnight visits
- Toilette inside the cabin
- Gas heating system if needed (extra fee)
- Transportation if needed (extra fee)

Special services for professional photographers

We offer special service for professional photographers. In movable cabin you can photoshoot animals for example in the old forest or in the river scene. Professional cabin requires "more courage" to approach wild animals. Photoshooting will happen more near and in the same level with animals. Prices are negotiated individually according to the special needs (days, services etc.)

Photo gallery

Follow this link for photo gallery...

Contact information:

Mr Petri Pääkkönen
Tel. +358 40 735 6167
Email: haikuselekonen(a)gmail.com